Flip the Ratio of Engineers To Robots

A major overarching goal of the Formant platform, why we exist, is to help our customers flip the ratio of engineers to operators to robots.

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Formant Acquires Formation, Adds Teleoperation To Its Platform

Formant will integrate the startup’s solution to enable its customers to remotely control their robots through its browser-based, cloud-enabled robot fleet management system.

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Tune Machine Learning Algorithms With A ‘DVR for Data’

Inspecting machine learning results requires developers to do a lot of tedious data prep and custom coding. And it takes time. Lots of it. We need better tools. Here's our take.

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Build vs. Buy Decisions in Robotics Cloud Platforms

This is part 2 of a 2-part blog post on robotics observability platforms. Many of our customers came to us because they were struggling to scale their in-house robot monitoring system.  Other customers came to us because they wanted to avoid building a home-brew solution right from the start. But in conversations with each of […]

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Common Features of Robotics Observability Platforms

This is part 1 of a 2-part series on robotics observability platforms. In this post, I’ll be covering the basics of what these platforms do, and features that these platforms contain. What is robotics monitoring? What about observability? Observability provides a window into the unbounded variability of the world robots are expected to navigate. As […]

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Defining Observability For Robotics

Observability, in the context of distributed systems, is what allows us to measure, introspect, and understand the behavior of a system at runtime. Observability can be used by engineers to diagnose failures and iterate on the system’s design, or by the system itself, to support, for example, automated recovery. The world of web services has […]

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Speak Robot

You’ve heard the stories: fully autonomous robots are coming, and they’re taking our jobs with them. If you’re ready to sound the alarm bells — step away from the ledge. While it’s true that automation is reducing inefficiencies in many industries, the notion of a full-scale, imminent takeover is overblown. Instead, as robotic technology becomes cheaper to […]

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